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OK Be St.
Headbones Gallery
July 10 - August 29, 2015
Doug Alcock
David T. Alexander
Glenn Clark
Briar Craig
Jen Dyck
Robert Dmytruk
Leonard Epp
Diane Feught
Johann Feught
John Hall
Joice M. Hall
Fern Helfand
Byron Johnston
Jim Kalnin
Ann Kipling
Mary McCulloch
Steve Mennie
Julie Oakes
Gary Pearson
Bryan Ryley
Heidi Thompson
David Wilson
Residency Catalogue
 Rose Sanderson
 Artist in Residence
April 1 - May 1, 2015
Up Next
Daniel Hanequand
Headbones Gallery
November - December, 2015
Island Mountain Arts
Arts Wells

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OK Be St.

OK BE ST. is a group exhibition with works by:
Doug Alcock, David Alexander, Glenn Clark, Briar Craig, Jen Dyck, Robert Dmytruk, Leonard Epp, Diane Feught, Johann Feught, John Hall, Joice M. Hall, Fern Helfand, Byron Johnston, Jim Kalnin, Ann Kipling, Mary McCulloch, Steve Mennie, Julie Oakes, Gary Pearson, Bryan Ryley, Heidi Thompson, David Wilson.

 In this fast-paced tech-based age, we have become used to reading abbreviated messages while concepts and potential for new technology widens. Perhaps by saving time and firing out the words in short, animated clips we make room to receive information that requires a greater depth of attention. OK BE ST. presents recent and significant works by artists whose oeuvre is mature. 

During the summer months when the Okanagan enjoys an influx of visitors OK BE ST. brings an exhibition to the fore that enables an overview of works produced in the Okanagan. The valley is unique with a high concentration of professional artists, many with national and international exhibition schedules. Headbones Gallery’s OK BE ST. although not representative or entirely inclusive of all the great work being done in the Okanagan, is proud to present of selection of the some of the best from July 10 to August 29. The opening reception is July 10 from 6 – 9 PM with many of the artists in attendance and the public welcomed.