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Nov 19 - Dec 31, 2022
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Contents of the Green Box
Nov 19 - Dec 31, 2022
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Nadine Schemmann
Sound of the Pale Tree
October 8 - November 12, 2022
Predominantly working with large-format linen and various techniques, Nadine Schemmann’s work translates encounters, conversations, and moments in diverse shades on the canvas to engage in emotional interactions. The process involves dying or bleaching the material to then be covered with ink, oil paint or chlorine bleach, resulting in striking, but unexpected color paths forming organic, endlessly changeable edges on the linen canvas. With a desire to expand her color palette, Schemmann materializes feelings as different shades to create an expressive and sensory visual language translating encounters as the deepest and most honest form of dialogue.

Reflecting the fragility of interpersonal relationships, Schemmann's paintings find their origin in the interstice that results when two people meet – crafting the space which remains free of color and that which is delimited by cut edges and seams. Only sometimes she stretches the linen fabrics on frames, never banishing them behind glass. Often, they hang freely in a space, or in nature, where they are exposed to wind and weather, where the color and fabric change with time. Just as interpersonal relationships cannot be preserved and made durable, Schemmann does not place this expectation on her paintings.
Drawers Gallery 
Mahmoud Meraji
Pandemic Head to Hand
October 8 - November 12, 2022
What were you doing during the pandemic? Going a little crazy? Mahmoud Meraji, never content to rest in just a depiction of the physical, grapples with the human condition. Headbones Gallery will be presenting over thirty of his unframed drawings, fresh from his Toronto studio.