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Alan Glicksman
Contents of the Green Box
Exhibition Catalogue

Nov 17 - Dec 31, 2022
 Drawers Gallery
Julianna Joos
Mutant Melodies

Nov 17 - Dec 31, 2022
 Headbones Gallery
Up Next
AJ Jaeger
Pedie Wolfond
Cecilia Stelini
and a Work by Jim Dine

Feb 5 - March 26, 2023
 Headbones Gallery
Ortansa Moraru
Recent Works on Paper
Feb 5 - March 26, 2023
 Drawers Gallery
Island Mountain Arts
Arts Wells

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Alan Glicksman - Contents of the Green Box

Opening Reception 2-5pm –Saturday, November 17, 2022

 Public is welcome

Alan Glicksman is a storyteller who is so full of characters and scenes and action that cinematic scope is captured in everyone of his detailed drawings like  feature length movies within two dimensional planes. Sometimes it is a black and white film, but most often a full chromatic technicolor describes the narratives. His works would fall into a folk or fairytale genre if they were books, perhaps even sci-fi. If the story had been framed as lyrics, they would be a jazzy riffing traces of city life or sweetly warbling classical compositions where the upper scales trill so that the characters trip about on tip toe. There is a range of emotions talked around in these tales but nothing overtly abrasive for the characters are  held securely within the four edges of the papers. The landscape is shallow but not hollow, and everyone fits into the picture.

Naivete at its most authentic and guilelessly refreshing, Glicksman’s work contains a sense of being near a fount of creativity, a well spring that is thirst quenching and revivifying. It is as if someone has said “make me a painting, a drawing, color me something about what you are thinking“ and the resultant imagery became a picture which had generously been gifted to just you, as familiar as your own family story. The branches on a Glicksman tree join together mankind and the animals to fashion an existence that is fulfilling, mutually supportive and sustaining. Diverse, without exceptions and open to engagement, Alan Glicksman pours images onto his drawing board honestly, allowing the hic-cups to provoke a laugh while serious matters are turned over with awestruck, wary curiosity. The other Ecclesiastical quote that is also aired is “A time for every purpose” and this is the purposeful time that Glicksman draws and also draws from.