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Okanagan Wonders 
Headbones Gallery
August 15 - September 27
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October 3 -November 9
Joel Fafard /Joel Schwartz 
October 24th
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October 25th
Summerhill Winery
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Doug Alcock Robert Dmytruk Fern Helfand David Montpetit David Wilson
David Alexander Jen Dyck Jock Hildebrand Julie Oakes  
Amar From Afar Leonard Epp Angelika Jaeger Daphne Odjig  
Katie Brennan Diane Feught Byron Johnston Gary Pearson  
Glenn Clark Johann Feught Jim Kalnin Alistair Rance  
Carin Covin John Hall Ann Kipling Bryan Ryley  
Briar Craig Joice M. Hall Steve Mennie Heidi Thompson  

OK THAUMATURGY aka Okanagan Wonders

Headbones Gallery has assembled works for the yearly definitive exhibition that focuses on exceptional output from the Okanagan. We often associate great art with the big city but we have giants here in the Okanagan. It is as if the combination of sun, water, the great outdoors and the headspace of artists meet on another plane to create works above and beyond the specifications of locale. 

This year Headbones Gallery addresses the over-the-topness of our slate in OK Thaumaturgy With “the working of wondrous materials or magic”, OK Thaumaturgy aka Okanagan Wonders addresses the exceptional.

Also, on September 15th at Headbones Gallery, Curator Emeritus of the Genbow Museum, Patricia Ainslie, will launch her book Okanagan Artists in their Studios,  featuring13* of the artists exhibiting in OK Thaumaturgy.