The Drawers - WWW.Women   Commentary written by Julie Oakes

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Women can look at each other and see a reflection that adds up to a powerful, capitalised rendition of their gender for we have come into our own without having to resort to competitive wars over territory. Women have generally acknowledged the maximum that “two heads are better than one”.

The story of the final paring down of a candidate for a University teaching position illustrates the premise. Three women selected as finalists found themselves being asked to win the coveted position by stating reasons why the other women were not suitable for the job. They each began there defence by stating that they could see no reasons why the other women should not be chosen in their place. They had decided that they wouldn't gain ground by trampling their competitors. They elected to share the job and - to the great credit of this important institution - they had their desire for co-existence met!

WWW.Women is built on such a premise. Women, long used to task sharing in order to overcome the rigours of childbirth, child rearing, gathering of food, maintaining shelter and the many chores that, born of necessity are best done by grouping together, bring their strength, brightness, intellectualism, capability, technical expertise and creativity to their art work. Women have maintained a dignity of gender in a profession traditionally the domain of men. The work in this exhibition exemplifies the fact that women have staked a self conscious claim within this nourishing field of dreams and in doing so broken ground that grew a different, female form of artistic avatar. Often political in approach, women have used their bodies, their intuition, their ability to nurture and multi-task and their grand operatic voices to shatter many a glass tower. In this Valentine month, WWW.WOMEN follows on the day of paper hearts and cliché promises in a spectacular show of solid womanhood with the female flag flying at full mast.

During the opening, Headbones Gallery is hosting a baby shower for a new member to our feminine cast. Ivy Lumina Kurylowicz, born February 3 to Nancy and Martin Kurylowicz, will be welcomed into the circle of women, her mother's pregnancy celebrated and the male participation in it all, acknowledged and thanked. With an advocacy for inclusiveness, WWW.Women commends the honourable and accomplished advantages of us all, regardless of gender.

Julie Oakes Copyright © 2008 Headbones Gallery

Image: (detail) Diane Feught - Wonderful, 2007-gouache, acrylic, rust on paper-20 x 17 inches