The Drawers - Donna Kriekle   Commentary written by Julie Oakes

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Donna Kriekle

“One in nine women!” Whenever the statistics are high, the shivers set in. The fight against breast cancer has been engaged with a vehemence and strength equal to the laborious act of giving birth. Kriekle's video, originally commissioned for "Survivors, In Search of a Voice: The Art of Courage", is titled If I Were to Need a Mastectomy... It is a poignant piece and, for some, may be difficult to watch but due to Kriekle's compassionate nature and video acumen, it is a heartening experience as it encourages hope while demystifying a delicate subject.

Kriekle explains in the catalogue that accompanied the original exhibition. "On the issue of breast cancer, it is a table of contents. As we gather around this cancerous table of chance, each of us becomes a player, either as spectator or as a participant. What are the odds?”

With the cult of the breast growing in numbers and size as implants have become a more common cosmetic choice, the shape of a woman and the glory of her breasts are as ever, a cause for wonder. The loss of a breast due to cancer is as traumatic for the self esteem as it can be for the physical well being of the woman. Breast cancer research has made the diagnostic process and the subsequent examinations, biopsies and surgery less intrusive and painful but the subject itself, particular to women, continues to stymie the afflicted and provoke concern. It is more than a worthy subject for cultural research and subsequent interpretation. Kriekle's take on the matter touches the heart.

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