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Liz Ingram + Bernd Hildebrant
Interwoven Headbones
April 26 - June 9, 2018
    Headbones Gallery
Tracy Templeton
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Oscar Gozkiewicz
Tomasz Matczak
Alicia Habisiak-Matczak
Jolanta Rudzka-Habisiak
Witold Warzywoda
Interlacing Headbones

June 16 - August 1, 2018
Opening Reception with artists in attendance
Saturday, June 16
    Headbones Gallery
Island Mountain Arts
Arts Wells

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Mark Bovey 
Sean Caulfield 
Alexsandra Haeseker 
Derek Besant

Karen Dugas
 Davida Kidd
Guy Langevin
Julie Oakes
Walter Jule
Interwoven (Headbones)

Opening Reception 6-8 pm – April 26 - June 9, 2018

INTERwoven (Headbones) New Canadian Perspectives in Textile and Printmaking- Mark Bovey, Davida Kidd, Walter Jule, Karen Dugas, Liz Ingram+ Bernd Hildebrandt, Derek Besant, Julie Oakes, Sean Caulfield, Tracy Templeton, Guy Langevin, and Alexandra Haeseker, opens at Headbones Gallery on Thursday, April 26.

The exhibition shows works that originate from the Canadian coast to coast. Thirteen artists were “invited to challenge their personal practices to produce new works for an exhibition at Kobro Gallery in Lodz,  Poland that somehow looked to both textile and print references in creative ways,” said Besant, the curator and also one of the artists. Furthering a long standing liaison between Poland and Canada, most of the artists, including Julie Oakes of Vernon attended the opening in Lodz. Headbones Gallery’s presentation of Interwoven extends the exposure to touch ground in Vernon.

Derek Besant is no stranger to Vernon. He has already had an exhibition at the Vernon Art Gallery and another is opening on May 24 – July 18, Dark Woods Revisited.  With an engaging perspective on life in general, he encourages connection.   Because there was an enthusiastic reception of the works in Lodz in the springtime of 2017, INTERwoven traveled that fall to The National Cultural Center Art Gallery in  Warsaw with the support of the Canadian Embassy.

Mark Bovey (Nova Scotia) has also had an exhibition at the Vernon Art Gallery and this new work develops his long standing themes and use of digital technology. Currently with a solo show at The Reach Gallery in Abbotsford, Davida Kidd’s poignant, intimate photographs of marginalized people in alternative spaces caps off the west coast. From Edmonton, Walter Jule, Karen Dugas and the artist team Liz Ingram + Bernd Hildebrandt have pushed the boundaries of textile and printmaking.  Sean Caulfield’s current exhibition at the Vernon Art Gallery, Active Workings, (March 08 – May 16) an eloquent and extensive exploration, opens the possibilities of printmaking to grand dimensions. Tracy Templeton is now based in Indianapolis but hails from the Canadian prairies and her works bring the chill of winter back into view. Guy Langevin, from Quebec brings a sensual sensibility – subtle, visionary and toned by his expertise. Alexandra Haeseker and Derek Besant (Calgary) both who have an artistic history of expanding the methods and imagery of  art making bring the best of Alberta onto our BC  walls, with a slant  inclusion and un-jaded by politics. Julie Oakes Interwoven piece, a flag titled Striving in the Pink Lane sports the image of a woman swimming “in the pink lane”.

To keep the Polish Canadian connection open, on June 15, Headbones will be hosting INTERlacing: Oscar Gozkiewicz, Tomasz Matczak, Alicia Habisiak-Matczak and Jolanta Rudzka Habisiak. The Poles will be coming to Vernon.  And in March 2020, an exhibition opens at KOBRO Gallery in Lodz focusing on women’s rights - Julie Oakes and Jolanta Rudzka Habisiak.