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June 27 - August 11




June 27 @ 8PM

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David Wilson - Molakira'z Dezignz - The Earth Sisters

David Wilson is a member of the Okanagan Nation and the winner of the BC Achievement Awards in Aboriginal Art for 2012. His exhibition David Wilson Paintings opens at Headbones Gallery on June 27 with a public reception from 7 – 9 PM.

Wilson’s work speaks of the identity and origins of the Okanagan. It articulates traditional motifs executed in brilliant acrylic paint - often on drums. Drawing from pictographs, stories and indigenous imagery influenced by the Mauri, North West Coast or Egyptians; Wilson’s paintings can be seen as contemporary icons.

Using vibrant colours with a quick-read graphic style, the paintings are clear and enlivened. Fresh in concept and design - crisp - the combinations of geometric and organic shapes create an energy that makes the paintings dance.

Wilson riffs on the imagery from these ancient roots, transforming the wisdom of an earlier time into a brightened version. By reinventing the narratives, the stories gain in relevance. Because he has an impeccable sense of balance and composition, the resulting pictures reverberate with tones from our modern existence. Wilson’s work connects to the spirits of the animals, the elements and seasons.

 To celebrate the opening, at 8PM on June 27, Headbones Gallery will host A Procession of Colours, a performance created by Molakira’z Dezignz. A Procession of Colours presents the wearable art of Mollie Bono of The Okanagan Nation and Akira Hanson who is Metis. Drawing on the tradition of the ancestors who used all parts of the deer and other game, the garments are made of natural fabrics, wool with finishing touches of bones, beads and leather.

With Mollie Bono commentating and The Earth Sisters drumming and singing (led by Robin Redhawk with Carolyn Anele, Wendy Chambers, Judy Wessel and Akira Hanson), the powerful voice of women will resonate from the traditions of the people of the First Nations.  

Headbones Gallery is proud to present the work of indigenous artists as the main exhibition for the Okanagan summer of 2013.