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Carin Covin
Alistair Rance
 This That
Headbones Gallery
April 6 - May 5
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Headbones Gallery
May 11  - June 16

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Headbones Gallery
June 22  - August 4

Carin Covin & Allistair Rance - This That

Two abstract painters, Carin Covin and Alistair Rance can be brought within the same frame and yet their work is vastly different. Because they have perspectives at odds from one another, yet operate in the same arena, the pairing of their works in This That creates a rich conversation that is informed, intelligent and personable.


Covin examines an aspect of physical reality and then transforms it into non-objective painting. Rance’s work may suggest the physical plane after the fact - as in the architectonic overtones – but it is aesthetically divorced from the real world so that an open-ended relationship is permitted to the person who is in front of this series. Rance has not given any clues to representation. Covin’s work also holds a secret – the initial impetus, the source. Rance lets us know where his arm has been as he swings his drips. He records his physicality in this way. Covin paints where her mind has gone to, holding back information on her physical movements. Alistair Rance is expressing. Carin Covin is considering. Rance is an action painter; Covin, an abstract painter.


Having paired the painters in the exhibition, This That, Headbones Gallery presents two approaches to non-objective, abstract art that are diametric to one another although not opposed. The exhibition brings forth two committed identities working in the same genre.


Zentangle - Contemporary Fusion music during opening reception

Daniel Stark on sarode, Paul Langlois on percussion and Jonathon Heaven on hang pan