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Jane Everett
Destanne Norris
Reg Kienast
Amber Powel
Running With The Ball

March 11 - April 22, 2018
    Headbones Gallery
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Interwoven Headbones

April 26 - June 9, 2018
Opening Thursay, April 26 6pm-8pm
    Headbones Gallery
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Running With The Ball

Opening Reception 2-5 pm – March 11 - April 22, 2018

The expression ‘running with the ball’ has the intonation of a previous activity that has been passed on so that in the ongoing holding of the ball, a new height has been achieved. Headbones Gallery presents an exhibition of works by artists who have in the series which they are showing here, arrived at new plateaus.

The beginning impetus is a challenge, a ball passed which must be caught. For Jane Everett, Destanne Norris and Amber Powell this was the challenge of showing in a public gallery and the opportunity that exhibition affords the artist to gathering together a body of work. Reg Kienast challenged himself - tossed, caught and ran.

When the Kelowna Art Gallery invited Jane Everett into the exhibition Drawing from Life and she understood the size of the space that she could occupy, Everett caught the ball and ran with it. In this drawing coyotes run the length of wall with an energy that charges the air and shifts preconceptions of covering space into a new dimension.

Destanne Norris has a visceral connection between the physicality of existence and spirituality that is brilliantly composed in her Stellar series which showed at the Vernon Art Gallery in 2017. These large scale and adept translations of the cosmos bring the phenomena of stellar space into a human perspective. By focusing on the unique forms of constellation so far and vast that they assume near incomprehensible dimensions, Norris grants an experience similar to that of catching a falling star.

Amber Powell’s exhibition Third Drawer Down that showed at the Vernon Art Gallery in 2017 is an artistic culmination of more intimate prospects. The title suggests a commonality to the flotsam and jetsam of personal things and alludes to the inner realm of memory as well as to an outer physicality where the exercise of ‘stuff management’ are brought into play. Ruminations of her well-grounded intellect match the comedic with the poignant.

Reg Kienast’s new body of work marks a step outwards and up into different materials with expanded techniques that necessitated a delicate balance between spontaneity and planning. Using glass as his palette and brush, his abstract compositions glow with informed decisions, the outcome of having travelled to over 60 different countries with the purposeful agenda of being exposed to art and ethnicity.  


When the ball is in hand and the artist is running, the outcomes of the process can be powerful. Running with the Ball opens at Headbones Gallery on the afternoon (2 – 5 PM) of Sunday March 11 with a royal high tea. Jane Everett, Reg Kienast, Destanne Norris and Amber Powell will be in attendance.