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Roaming Perspectives
An Exhibition of Photographs by
Headbones Gallery
 January 23 - February 22
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Roaming Perspectives
An Exhibition of Photographs by David T. Alexander & Leonhard Epp
Opening Reception 6-9PM Thursday, January 23rd

 David Alexander and Leonhard Epp have each used the camera as a tool of reference rather than as a medium until recently when the long practice of recognizing that which has the potential for artistic merit was arrested, re-examined and chosen to exist not as a tool or a step but as an art object by virtue of its own intrinsic value. Since neither artist uses digital manipulation to a sizeable degree, the ‘art’ in these photographs comes directly from their individually developed sense of perception

Alexander as painter and Epp as ceramicist are artists who have honed their disciplines to the extent that they have gained significant recognition in their respective areas. David Alexander has a national profile. He moved to the Okanagan where he sequesters and paints between his trips to exhibitions or into nature to work directly from the surroundings. Leonhard Epp, emigrated from Germany to Canada in 1951. After receiving a degree in Sculpture from The Vancouver School of Art in 1960 followed by a professorship there until 1972, he moved to the Okanagan where he set up his ceramic studio near Falkland.

Roaming Perspectives, An Exhibition of Photographs, on display from January 23-February 22, 2014 at Headbones Gallery, Vernon.

 Diane Feught’s actual past, present and future have rarefied beginnings. Feught grew up in an Anglican home. As an adult, she lived in a Buddhist priory in Edmonton for seven years where she experienced the lphical, spiritual and cultural diversity while still living in the heart of a ‘typical’ Canadian milieu. Her oil paintings and gouaches leave room for study as well as speculation as to their narrative source. Often with a strong composition that supports the drama of the imagery, her technique – impeccable and practiced – supports the strangeness of her subjects by granting an immediate viability to the juxtaposition of elements. The overwhelming perfection and balance take over any doubt at the unusual imagery. Feught also backs her innuendos with information, detailing with a precision to provoke applause.

 Afar Per se - what does it mean? Per se does not only mean “intrinsically” but also, “by, of, for or in itself”. It seems a fitting description of the works of Amar from Afar and Diane Feught with all of the allusions to otherness that they inspire.

 The opening reception for Afar Per se is Friday, November 11, which is Remembrance Day and 11/11/11. Even the date is fittingly evocative yet cryptic.

 Trance and Nilt to cosmic Eastern sounds and melodies during the opening reception with Daniel Stark on sarode, Bill Boyd on cello and Gaz on guitar.