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Headbones Gallery
December 7 - January 11
Daniel Anhorn
Robert Bigelow
Sangito Bigelow
Guy Boutin
Karl Heinz Boyke
Katie Brennan
Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo
Billy Copley
Carin Covin
Briar Craig
Jen Dyck
Robert Dmttruk
Adrian Doura
Larry Eisenstein
Scott P. Ellis
Dagmara Genda
Daphne Gerou
Andy Graffiti
Daniel Hannequand
Fern Helfand
Tyler Bright-Hilton
Angelika Jaeger
Ashley Johnson
Judith Jurica
Ann Kipling
Bodo Korsig
Donna Kriekle
Jefferson Little
Wanda Lock
Zachari Logan
Jesse McCloskey
Steve Mennie
Mahmoud Meraji
Mehrad Meraji
Ortansa Moraru
Julie Oakes
Steve Rockwell
Joanne Sale
David Samila
Katia Santibanez
Stephen Lee Scott
Srdjan Segan
Christian Bernard Singer
Kevin Spetifore
Tony Taylor
Heidi Thompson
Jeffrey Thompson
Wing Yee Tong
Stanzie Tooth
Daryl Vocat
Lorne Wagman
Nancy Watts
Eric J Wickes
Colleen Venables
 Up Next
Headbones Gallery
 January 23 - February 22
Island Mountain Arts
Arts Wells
Opening reception Saturday, December 07, 2 to 5 PM
A Holiday violin recital by Colleen Venables at 3:30 PM

Headbones Gallery’s next exhibition will be an extreme paper salon. We’ll be refreshing and decking the walls with works on paper from the drawers. 

Hosting a paper salon, Salonus Papyrus, is akin to a celebration in the art world. It means the walls are laden with works on paper and on the delicate surfaces we find the more intimate offerings of artists. Whether it is a detailed pencil work or a gestural expression, paper-works beg closeness. 

Special guest Colleen Venables will perform a selection of classical works at 3:30 during the opening reception. Admission is free.

Notable awards: Colleen Venables has received include a 1st place prize at the Canadian National Music Festival – (2012) and the 2nd place prize at International Stradivarius Violin Competition – (2013). Other highlights include Soloist, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (2010) and Junior competitor, Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition, Beijing (2012).