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Jim Kalnin
Intrinsic Habitats
Headbones Gallery

 October 4-November 3

Continued in the Drawers Gallery
Byron Johnston 

Jim Kalnin - Intrinsic Habitats

Jim Kalnin (aka Feather) paints reminders of the encroachment of man upon his fellow creatures and Earth which we all share in common. He maintains his connection to the intrinsic properties of this altruistic, idealistic habitat. He has witnessed the compromise between man and his environment both virtually and creatively. Kalnin’s paintings (and works on paper) are poignant, sincere and humbly concerned with man’s place within the cosmos.

 Kalnin doesn’t slap us towards consciousness, he eases us towards it. Yet Kalnin is not - nor has been - heavy handed in his approach to the issues of global sustainability. He has the ‘Feather” touch, as light as a serendipitous nudge towards awareness. His orientation to the sacredness of place remains intact. As modernity moves in, the flora and fauna are forced to move out–a testament to man’s excess.

 To compliment, and in the spirit of the same ideals as those that fuel Intrinsic Habitat, Headbones Gallery is pleased to host Kelowna busker and Little Creek organic gardener, Dale Zeich for his performance Zeich Does Dylan during the opening reception from 6-9PM October, 4th.

ring the opening reception with Daniel Stark on sarode, Bill Boyd on cello and Gaz on guitar.