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Glenn Clark
Wackem Sackem
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December 19 - February 14
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December 19 - February 14
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Glenn Clark - Wackem Sackem

December 19 - February 8, 2015 

Dealing out accolades for the great game of hockey has long been a Canadian preoccupation. Hockey has segued into the realm of high art on occasion (Haute Hockey) and in our upcoming exhibition Wackem Sackem, the work of artist Glenn Clark brings hockey out of the arena, out of the TV and onto the walls of Headbones Gallery.

 Clark raises his schtick and blocks the puck mid-air while focusing on penalties. It is not a stretch to say he ‘glamorizes’ the infractions with shiny appealing aplomb. With works like Whackem, (over the head) Sackem (in the groin) and Face Wash (apparent) the misdemeanors enter the annals of art history. Clark has always been an adept painter and the technical achievement in the latest new cut-out works is high. He takes this another step further with the addition of interactive components.

 Many who embrace hockey also have open arms for art. Between sports and the fine arts, we could use more crossovers and Glenn Clark’s work has nostalgic populist appeal without having to stoop.

 Clark studied art at Okanagan College in Kelowna, and then completed a BFA at the University of Calgary in 1991. The artist has exhibited his paintings in several public galleries in British Columbia in both solo and group shows. He currently lives and works in Penticton, BC. Wackem Sackem continues until February 8, 2015.