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Jen Dyck 
Steve Mennie 
Headbones Gallery
May 11 - June 16
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Headbones Gallery
June 22  - August 4
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Jen Dyck  & Steve Mennie

On the outskirts of Salmon Arm, in an adobe home with straw-bale-thick walls is the home of Jen Dyck and Steve Mennie. Jen Dyck is a jazz pianist and a collage artist. Steve Mennie is a printmaker, drawer, painter and jazz drummer.  The couple is creativity personified. 

Built on her dreams, Jen Dyck’s collage works depict interior spaces constructed of snippets from National Geographic, Life, ladies journals and whatever magazine is worthy of her cull. Dyck’s scenarios are peopled with characters engaged in zany situations charged with the illogical inventions and happenstance of her remembered sleeping state. With an uncanny familiarity, the work haunts, like a nudge in the ribs of awareness. 

There is an obsessive bent to Steve Mennie’s art works that are carefully tuned through his particular process to result in a solid end, each piece is worked. Veering between finely crafted figurative work and painterly psychological abstracts – and now and again combining the two realms – each piece is both created and conceived. Mennie’s visual acrobatics overcome the desire to understand process as he overwhelms any disbelief with a brilliant slight of hand.