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Don Carr
Electric Prints
April 13 - May 27, 2017
    Headbones Gallery
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June 1 - July 15, 2017
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Don Carr - Electric Prints

Opening Reception 6-8pm –Thursday, April 13 –May 27, 2017

 Public is welcome - Artist In Attendance

 The discovery of the printing press marks the age of the industrial revolution. It was the melding of a more sophisticated understanding of the workings of the physical world and the desire to communicate beyond a one-on-one and extend into the concept of mass production. Stained glass windows in churches served a similar purpose and they have inspired Don Carr’s oeuvre.

 Carr’s imagery has been a blend between science fiction and social/political commentary. Within fantastic settings, narratives are played out and a story is told of the human condition that is reminiscent of images created following Perestroika in Russia.

 Don Carr lives and works in Toronto and Italy. He is ambitious in his vision and has produced many layered works. Like a scientist, he has not rested in his discoveries but continued along the road between science and the arts creating complex lithographic prints and then moving into digital photomontages.

Carr further actualized his imagined worlds by moving into the third or perhaps it could be called the fourth dimension. Once again, it was a step that furthered the imagery through science. He created a hologram, Wired Dionysius, which Headbones Gallery will present. Referencing classical thought in the same arena as advanced technology, Carr confronts us with an image from the future. The hologram was a collaboration between theatre designer, Catherine Hahn and Michael Page and the technicians of Photon, a hologram facility in Toronto.