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Diane Feught
Broken Spell
HEADBONES GALLERY September 13 - October 25
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Diane Feught

September 13 - October 25, 2014
Opening Reception of Broken Spell 6-9 pm with Diane Feught in attendance 
Saturday, September 13, 2014
Broken Spell is Diane Feughtís third solo exhibition with Headbones Gallery.

Having grown up immersed in Buddhist teachings while living in the western world, Diane became an artist and worked in graphic design while keeping up an active painting practice. That she should turn to miniatures follows suit. Traditionally miniatures depicted scenes from religious stories but because of their portability, they were also used for portraiture and scenes from daily life, sometimes of a personal nature.

These twenty-five small, well-done, gouache on paper paintings are powerful pulls towards consciousness. Each painting is set up as an interior. The figures are within a space, behind a mask, enclosed or boxed. The wallpaper is a substitute for the outside, the exterior. The hallways, stairwells, narrow door frames resemble the convoluted recesses of the mind - elements of incomplete mystery reigns. It is the wall paper that writhes or speaks to the estranged nature. It is in code, just understandable now - but with the potential for knowledge. It is the objective reality that refers to the undisclosed subjective personality. It is Freudian, associative.

Feughtís psychoanalytical visual approach to the human condition in painting is alluring as well as mystifying because she sets up her scenes with the trappings of beauty, like a film noire.

These may be little works, but visually they deliver a Goliath-like punch.