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(ab strak' tid)
March 26 - May 2
Commentary by Julie Oakes
(ab strak' tid) Catalogue
Ram Samocha
Opening Night Performance:
Abstract Peace
May 7 - June 18, 2009
Zachari Logan
Susan Low-Beer
Mahmoud Meraji
Mehrad Meraji
Traveling Drawers
July 1 - August 31, 2009
Permanent Installation
Feb 13 - Mar 31



Steve Rockwell
Karl-Heinz Boyke
Mahmoud Meraji
Ram Samocha
Khaled Mansur
Bodo Korsig
Cesar Forero
F. Scott Taylor
Heidi Thompson
David Samila

Ram Samocha’s energetic drawing performance, Abstract Peace, ignites the exhibition as his gestural spontaneity flares.

Intellectual underpinning removes abstraction from the physical so that mental and spiritual practice is as evident as the artistic. This coupling of idea with color, form, material and the personal visual vocabulary of each artist makes ab strak tid an exhibition of rarefied thought.

The architectonic light and monument works of Khaled Mansur, the rich, shimmering and seemingly bejeweled fabric of Heidi Thompson’s and Scott Taylor’s layered colors, the lyric illusions in Mahmoud Meraji’s and Cesar Forero’s dancing shapes, the humourous sense of play with David Samilla and the visceral plasticity of Bodo Korsig’s woodblocks & Karl Heinz Boyke’s paintings and bronze sculptures; spurned on by sensation, resonate within the intellect.
















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