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NeoBeast  Feb 19 - Mar 14
David Constantino Salazar
Release of the 2009  
Headbones Anthology
Upcoming Exhibitions
Pulled (A Print Show)
Mar 19 - Apr 4, 2010
Michaele Jordana Berman
The Human Condition
Apr 8 - Apr 24, 2010
Papier 10 
Montreal  Art Fair
April 15 - Apr 18, 2010
NeoPriest  Montreal
Traveling to Art Mur
April 15-18
David Constantino Salazar
Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo
    Julie Oakes
Tony Taylor
Jenny Wing-Yee Tong
Erik Jerezano
Joseph Anderson
Ashley Johnson
Jesse McCloskey
Zachari Logan























      Srdjan Segan


NEOPRIEST, an exhibition at Headbones Gallery in March, 2009, was based on an identified aesthetic that was expressed with an acronym to more succinctly impart the essence of thirteen artistís work. From this original exhibition an over-riding identifiable subject has revealed itself. And in order to pin it down through language and to carry on the intellectual rigour, NeoBeast has been coined - Beastly Explorations Aesthetically Stating Truisms.

Manís separation from the order of species due to modernisation and technology is a realised dilemma. That these artists chose Ďbeastí as the metaphor that encompasses feral, carnal and primitive as well as cute, whimsical, elegant or stylised: depicts the struggle that the contemporary atmosphere imposes upon our relationship to animals.

Man and beast - the story line of countless artworks, operatic to quietly penned - has occupied the attention of civilization since the otherness of the beast was first scraped on a cave wall in a Paleolithic attempt to depict the relationship. The works in NeoBeast show that the subject, far from having been exhausted, is still relevant today.


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