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From Venus to The Gods
Mar 26 - May 8
The Picture Gallery
Srdjan Segan
Drawer's Gallery
Dagmara Genda
Paper Gallery
Judy Chicago
Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante
Venus Headlights
Upcoming Exhibitions
Papier 11
Montreal April 14 - 18
Artist in Residence
Zachari Logan
April 5 - May 5, 2011
Surveying Judy Chicago
My Struggle as a Woman Artist
Rotary Centre for the Arts
421 Cawston Ave, Kelowna
Thursday, March 24, 7p.m.
(Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies - UBCO)
Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante
Judy Chicago
Srdjan Segan
Dagmara Genda
Zachari Logan - Artist in residence
April 5-May 5, 2011
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