The Drawers - F. Scott Taylor

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(ab strak' tid)

Scott Taylor dives into rarefied illuminations of the mind both referentially and through stimulating the response  to jibe with his original state of mind. Rather than hinging on a spring resilience as in Meraji or Forero's work with the figurative an inspiration for the abstract, the associative aspects in Taylorís work have been gifted to the viewer. There are just enough hints or semblances to precipitate the response in the intended vein. Taylor's work conjures the spiritual, mythological, religious and alchemical. His predestination grants an opportunity to revisit the precious realms held in the specific memory bank of each viewer. Tapestries, illuminated manuscripts, jewels, gold, silver, diamonds, bibles, illustrated fairy tales, holy tomes of any denomination, dance, and magic are but a few of the equivalent impressions spawned by Taylorís work. That there is a passage way, portal or framed invitation in the composition parallels the staging of the religious narratives produced during the renaissance. The rarefied implications experienced by the creator and then experienced by the viewer connect but also grant room for the individuality of perception and personal historical references.

The luminescent delicate palette brings beauty into Taylor's pictures - a philosophical standpoint that contains a positivist belief system. This originating stance provokes a corresponding 'plus', a pleasurable component that relates to the ecstatic visuals. The most wonderful objects were those said to be 'fit for a king' and this is the present that Taylor offers - pieces destined for  palates as regally intelligent as his own.

Above: Star Seeding Sunflower - 1991-93, oil pastel & enamel spray on paper, 17x14 inches


Dimensional Door - 1991-93, oil pastel & enamel spray on paper, 17x14 inches