The Drawers - Ram Samocha

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(ab strak' tid)

Abstract expressionism lauded the gesture and the trace of the artist's movement. Combining the practice of creation with performance, Samocha's work focuses on the non-representational, but generously opens the mystical doors of his individual creative process through his present physical movements. By being present, his movements become a part of the art piece, an abstracted version of a self portrait. The artist is present in the work when he steps away from it but he is also present for the viewer as he completes the piece. That his mark is long and rhythmic allows for an athletic performance. That the work is completed on site and then viewed where it was accomplished allows the aura of the phenomenal object a palatable history as if the ghost of Samocha hovers once he has left.

Abstract Peace - March 26, 2009, Performance drawing at Headbones Gallery