The Drawers - David Samila

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(ab strak' tid)

With pop flare and lightness of heart (art), David Samila's line drawings also use romantic illusions but with more of a romp than a wooing. The clouds, lace, pokes, tongues, puffy piles of soft shapes and patterning bring to mind coverlets, bed sheets, pillows, dreams and bed. Whereas Kandinsky gave credence to the importance of play, serendipity and the whimsical, Samila flies these notions in the fresh breeze of his personal spontaneous joy. His significance  is in bringing together a wide age range for although his work is mature there is a youthful appeal as if he has transcended time by yielding to the force of uninhibited expression. This unabashed creativity, unselfconscious and liberated, is the crux of the relief of abstraction. It is where the mind overpowers the confines of the physical and anything can happen.
My Purple Sky World - 2008, coloured pencil, watercolour, ink on paper, 13x19.5 inches


Cosmic Wonder - 2008, coloured pencil, watercolour, ink & collage on paper, (diptych) 20x12.5 inches