The Drawers - Cesar Forero

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(ab strak' tid)

Imagine a combination between a furnace and a tornado  a forceful blast of energy, whirling, spiralling upwards and away while carrying with it, like Dorothy to Oz, an enchanting, curious, sprightly being, enlivened by the tipsy curviness. This is Cesar Forero for the work that he manifests retains the character of the creator - Cesar seated atop his creative wave.

Cesar's dancing shapes, saturated with a luscious exoticism - his birth place, Colombia - form suggestive patterns with psychedelic twists of perception. Forero is also a dancer, costumer, film maker, set designer and these abstracted figures, like photogenic pirouettes frozen in mid-stride, glitzy and glorifying in it, dramatise abstraction. The simplification of abstraction, in Forero's art, is about the excited mind, the aroused intellect, - sensational research. The multi-disciplinary relationships in Forero's work also provides a segue into the performance work of Ram Samocha.

Dogged - 2002, oil on masonite, 47x40 inches


Tremulous Lady - 2002, oil and sand on masonite, 74x33 inches