The Drawers - Bodo Korsig

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(ab strak' tid)

With abstraction, research changes from reference, narrative, literality or information to the tools of the trade - colour, space, form, texture, line. Bodo Korsig parries enigmatic line drawings of shapes that have metamorphic, biological or segmented suggestions with the word (man's ultimate abstract creation). The word is mark making that communicates message rather than existing solely as visual marks. The straight line and curve of the 'D', for instance is not as relevant as the fact that 'D' begins the word 'DIRTY'. YOUR MIND IS DIRTY. The text furthers the association with the intellect when the mind as the totality of the conscious and unconscious is described as a sullied physicality. The letters set up a new relationship between imagery and the meaning of the word. The bar of colour on which the word is placed reconfigures the rectangle and with intrinsic specificity, brings in another relational element.

The quality of the ink on the paper of these unique wood-block prints, allows for another appreciation as the density of colour (white or colour on black on white paper), with inconsistent covering, allows for a textural sensibility to the material. Fluidity, viscosity, opacity serve the linear and make the shapes happen as the flow of the hand is echoed in the press, roll and pressure of ink applied. From the making to the reception, the intellectual rigour is communicated through the medium. But not just the medium is the message. The message is also the medium with which Korsig puts forth his ruminations.

Above: YOUR MIND IS DIRTY - 2002, wood-block on paper, 31x42 inches


SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE - 2002, wood-block on paper, 31x42 inches