The Drawers - Aleks Bartosik   Commentary written by Julie Oakes

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Beauty & Obsession

These are provoking drawings, rebellious stances that push unconventional beauty into our face. They are pugilistic with the boxing gloves loaded - clenched fists ready to punch. They're masochistic and appeal to the sadistic side of our psyche, that unacknowledged cry to be beaten and receive the full brunt of nastiness and humiliation. Aleks Bartosik reconciles the opposites of human grossness and glamour with the dramatic brashness of size and theatrical composition. Primarily focusing on fleshy female nudes with bland skin who are caught in awkward positions that suggest a tangential perversity, they, nonetheless, exude a sexy allure and it is in this respect that 'unconventional beauty' comes into play. They appeal to the fascination of a big naughtiness like a Roman overindulgence that is so over-the top that it is destined to implode but tastes delicious until that final cut is made.

Alice went down the rabbit hole and in Wonderland she met up with grotesques, exaggerations of the world as she had left it. There was always a resemblance to the 'real' world but the skewing raised questions, entrapments, predicaments and drugged perceptions that begged to be acknowledged. Alice, a pretty little blonde girl, confronted the unusual, fascinated with the revelations. Aleks Bartosik is taking a similar trip and allowing herself to be tempted to explore whenever “why not?” is asked, she indulges her curiosity and hence furthers the voyeuristic interests of the viewers. The presentation of her compromised females - fat and clumsy, pinioned and stuck, gloved for battle but hung, or small before a beastly headless adversary, allows the contemplation of gothic possibilities without a self righteous prod. There is no moral. There is no need to rescue. There is only the shock, the recoil, and then the step forward for a closer inspection.

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