The Drawers - Peter Reginato   Commentary written by Julie Oakes

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Situation, Positioning, Location

With a cartoon-like rendering forming bulbous profiles that appear to have been morphed from reason into realms of fancy, Reginato melds the lightness of being into the weighty resonance of sculpture. Despite the biomorphic associations, Peter Reginato's work stays solidly rooted in the plastic realms. He builds perspective into the drawings so that certain elements appear to recede into the distance (small goes back, big forward because they are juxtaposed to do so). When turned into sculpture he retains this perspective so that not only is there the three dimensional, actual receding into space but also the implied. This makes for playfulness, a hip trickiness that lends character to the forms.

Modernist design with the freedom of combinations between hard edge and organic, bring to mind the historical masters, Brancusi, Calder, Arp, Kandinski and Paul Klee. There is a surrealist notion present with the landscape relationship a dream one, not necessarily attached or bound by gravity - an affair rather than a marriage. The outlines and candy colors are pop. Reginato has managed to encompass the most important influences of this age and brand the combination without loosing freshness. Conversely, within the gaiety of the forms, there is a very large presence implied. The confidence of a confirmed modern style supports the bursts of fun with the virile implications of a masculine hand.

By presenting his vision as sculpture, often massive, he commands serious attention that recycles back into the drawings for once acquainted with Reginato's work, it is difficult not to think of sculpture. Twists and turns traversed through space, juts, holes and architectonics - all inherent in the third dimension - bring the conversation that the artists has engaged with the work into the concepts of situations, positioning and location. From his bank of relevant knowledge of art history and an awareness of his fashioning, Reginato has gathered diverse trends under an umbrella so styled that it declares it's maker on first glance. The work is firmly located amongst the mass of contemporary fine art. It is easily located. It has inspired a nomenclature. A 'Reginato'. Clearly positioned.

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