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A Tune To Art, Sculpture  & Song
Joe Fafard
Joel Fafard
Joel Schwartz
Headbones Gallery
 Thursday, October 24th

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A Tune To Art, Sculpture & Song
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 @ 7PM at Headbones Gallery, Vernon
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 @ 7PM at Summerhill Winery, Kelowna

Headbones Gallery is proud to host this special two night exhibition by renowned Canadian artist and sculptor, Joe Fafard and a concert by Joel Fafard and Joel Schwartz.

Joe Fafard has created a new series of seventeen works that will debut on his Canadian tour that includes two locations in the Okanagan Valley. 

A Tune To Art: Sculpture and Song will start at 7PM with a short concert by Joel Fafard (son) and Joel Schwartz followed by an artist reception. 

A Tune To Art: Sculpture and Song is a ticketed event. Tickets are $25 and can be reserved by calling Headbones Gallery 250-542-8987 or Summerhill Winery 250-764-8000.
Doors open for A Tune To Art: Sculpture and Song at 6:30PM

 Diane Feught’s actual past, present and future have rarefied beginnings. Feught grew up in an Anglican home. As an adult, she lived in a Buddhist priory in Edmonton for seven years where she experienced the lphical, spiritual and cultural diversity while still living in the heart of a ‘typical’ Canadian milieu. Her oil paintings and gouaches leave room for study as well as speculation as to their narrative source. Often with a strong composition that supports the drama of the imagery, her technique – impeccable and practiced – supports the strangeness of her subjects by granting an immediate viability to the juxtaposition of elements. The overwhelming perfection and balance take over any doubt at the unusual imagery. Feught also backs her innuendos with information, detailing with a precision to provoke applause.

 Afar Per se - what does it mean? Per se does not only mean “intrinsically” but also, “by, of, for or in itself”. It seems a fitting description of the works of Amar from Afar and Diane Feught with all of the allusions to otherness that they inspire.

 The opening reception for Afar Per se is Friday, November 11, which is Remembrance Day and 11/11/11. Even the date is fittingly evocative yet cryptic.

 Trance and Nilt to cosmic Eastern sounds and melodies during the opening reception with Daniel Stark on sarode, Bill Boyd on cello and Gaz on guitar.