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Okanagan Rambling
Headbones Gallery
JUNE 20 - AUGUST 13, 2021
 Headbones Gallery 
Island Mountain Arts
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Residency Application

Jen Dyck: Rope Theory - 2020
Collage and paint on wood panel, 12x12 inches


Headbones Gallery Presents


JUNE 20 – AUGUST 20, 2021

Outdoor Opening Reception 2-6 PM, Sunday, JUNE 20

Featuring works by

Doug Alcock, Glenn Clark, Camille Clarke, Briar Craig, Robert Dmytruk, Jen Dyck,

Johann Feught, John Hall, Joice M. Hall, Fern Helfand, Byron Johnston, Judith Jurica,

Angelika Jaeger, Reg Kienast, Wanda Ivy Lock, Mary S. McCulloch, Steve Mennie,

Rhonda Neufeld, Destanne Norris, Julie Oakes,  Katherine Pickering, Amber Powell,

Bryan Ryley, Kevin Spetifore, Heidi Thompson, David Wilson, Deborah Wilson


Steve Mennie – UNTITLED (yellow), collage on painted wooden panel, 13 x 11 inches, 2020

 Okanagan Rambling, SOS 

Looking back at anything signed off in 2020 will raise a mitigating flash just as the years of the Great Wars fire a signal. No one saw the pandemic in the same way, but we all knew it as an SOS - Shadowing Our Self Confidence. Some went through it as Smiling Okanagan Stoics while others experienced Simply Okanagan Safe. Artists found themselves in Solitary Okanagan Spaces perhaps with a Significant Other Supporting, convinced of their Secure Okanagan Solipsism. Sustaining Okanagan Socialness was impossible. This word game could go on forever, dependent upon Stultifying Okanagan Statistics which preluded the news and charted cases, rimming the comings and goings with an invisible fence built by a tiny bug.

 Can we abandon SOS now? Headbones Gallery brings out the acronym SOS one more time to frame an exhibition where the letters can stand for each individual’s personal experience. Each to his own SOS.

 Much of the work was created during the pandemic or can be related to it. If art is the liaison between the creator and the viewer, then our link has been eroded over the past year. Connection between artists, the firing power of exchanging ideas and visuals has been replaced by time in solitude when ruminations change color. Let’s see what the rainbow looks like now that we are opening, June 20, a Sunday afternoon opening, an opening of the shutters welcoming a great flood of light.

Headbones Gallery

6700 Old Kamloops Road, Vernon  (250)542-8987