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Julie Oakes
Using The Moon To Fuel The Stars
Nov 2 - Jan 7, 2018
    Headbones Gallery
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Julie Oakes - Using The Moon to Fuel The Stars

Opening Reception 5-7pm – November 2January 7, 2018

 Public is Welcome!

Using the Moon to Fuel the Stars opening at Headbones Gallery on November 02 will show new works by Julie Oakes created in Europe, Russia and New York.

The Lunar Cycle is 28 gouache paper works framed in pairs that look at the lunar cycle as understood from an Eastern perspective. The Lunar Cycle was completed during a two-month residency in China in 2014. The Lunar Cycle tells the story of a woman who was banished to the moon where she found a rabbit that she took under her care. The rabbit was being literally ‘dogged’, bitten by a dog that badgered the rabbit. The woman would nurse the rabbit back to wholeness, but the cycle would begin again as the dogs attracted by the full shining and healthy rabbit nipped. Hence, the moon waxed and waned under the surveillant female’s care. The lunar cycle is regarded as feminine, her power hypnotic and influential.

Using the Moon to Fuel the Stars is a show about cycling, changing lanes and moving into the next roadway. Preparing for an exhibition of new works for the Tom Thomson Museum in Ontario in 2019, Titled SHE SHE – a double affirmative of the feminine, that will bring out women’s issues, women’s work and a superstar role of woman as home maker and keeper. Using the Moon to Fuel the Stars is an exhibition about reaching for the stars because the moon is just that much closer to them …

Headbones Gallery invites you to join Julie Oakes for the opening of Using the Moon to Fuel the Stars on November 02 from 5 – 7 PM, while it’s still light, before the moon rises and the dogs howl.