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 Performance and Art
Cesar Forero
Ron Giii
Janelle Hardy
April 13 - June 8, 2019
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Robert Dmytruk
August 10 - September 28
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Yukon River Dance - Video 5 min.
Tarot - Video 8 min.
Internet Christ - Video 14 min

What's Underneath - Watercolours
Tarot - Paintings
Geometry Street - Drawings

Cesar Forero, Ron GIII and Janelle Hardy
 June 15 – July 27, 2019
Opening Reception  - 2-5 PM, Saturday, July 15, 2019


Three solo exhibitions, all distinctly different works but with a common bond, these three artists are travelers - travelers upon the earth, making cosmic journeys and intakes into the recesses of the mind. The aspect that this trio holds in common is that each is actively multidisciplinary; bridging the distances between writing, dancing, choreography and the visuals arts while rooted in practices that are translated visually. They each have a committed practice in painting and drawing. 

Cesar Forero is a Colombian born Canadian whose performances have been aired in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Finland, Germany, Japan, the UK, and America. He will be travelling from Ontario to present Tarot. In the work to showcase at Headbones Gallery on June 15, Forero has included dance, poetry and acrobatic movements set against a suite of twelve paintings that are based on the Tarot’s Major Arcana. The dance Tarot which he will perform with Alex Bouldreault is performed to a poem written by Forero and set to music by July Arboleda-Forero.

Janelle Hardy has taken a voyage into the internet and produced 100 portraits along her way which Headbones Gallery will present in the Foyer Gallery.  The portrait subjects are all referenced from the What's Underneath Interview Series, created by the mother/daughter StyleLikeU team. Born and raised in the Yukon, Janelle Hardy has an MA in Dance and a BA in anthropology. Her video River Dance Song was created originally for an exhibition at the Yukon Art Gallery in 2012 where she improvises to Michel Kiwanuka’s song “Home Again ”.

Ron Giii’s drawings are delicate yet hip like an insider’s view of the complexity of life’s journey. He first went to art school in Nairobi but then returned to Canada and graduated from OCA in Toronto. He has lived in New York and  performed his works at Franklin Furnace and A Space. He has performed in Warsaw, Poland  and at the legendary Joseph Beuys Free University at Documenta 77 in Kasse,l Germany when conceptual art was at a height. He founded TRY organization in Toronto, a theatre company for ex mental patients, where he wrote the text for The Schizophrenic Opera, House with No Rugs and The Inner and Outer Universe.  He will be showing a series of small drawings  titled Geometry Street In Headbones Drawers Gallery. At  the opening June 15, Ron Giii will perform, accompanying with his ukulele, the piece  Internet Christ which he wrote in a mental hospital in 2017 and performed at Cinecycle in Toronto. Ron Gii is living now in Vernon, an avatar of his genre. He is represented by Paul Petro Gallery in Toronto.

June 15 will be the opening for these three exhibitions from 2 - 5 PM when Cesar Forero and Alex Boudreault will perform Tarot at 3:30 PM. Ron Gii will perform Internet Christ at 4 PM and Janelle Hardy’s River Dance Song will be showing throughout the duration in the Video Room.