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 Robert Dmytruk
Headbones Gallery

 February 14-March 17

David Samila
New Paper Works
Drawers Gallery
 February 14-March 17
Un Art
Lee Bale
David Cantine
Karen Cantine
 Robert Dmytruk
Sylvain Voyer
Project Space
 February 14-March 17

Robert Dmytruk - Transmissions

When medium (paint) and the exploration of it as mark-making becomes the image, the painting becomes an entity unto itself. Robert Dmytruk has a large visual vocabulary and he speaks volumes with his lines, textures, patches of colour and undulating greys.

David Samila - Recent Paper Works

David Samila cuts loose from formality and expresses levity in personal daily drawing narratives. Samila’s free-form lines blended with wash and collage float on the page with humorous abandon resulting in a quirky aesthetic balance.

Un Art - Lee Bale, David Cantine, Karen Cantine, Robert Dmytruk & Sylvain Voyer

Un Art is a visual conversation in small sculpture between Lee Bale, David Cantine, Karen Cantine, Robert Dmytruk and Sylvain Voyer on the subject of colour harmony. Using various materials and collected objects over time, ongoing investigations and play occur with the removal of one of the primary (Red, Yellow, Blue) or secondary (Green Purple and Orange) colours.

ring the opening reception with Daniel Stark on sarode, Bill Boyd on cello and Gaz on guitar.