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Drawers Gallery 
Michael Bjornson HEAD ON
Nov 27 - Feb 7, 2022
 Headbones Gallery 
The Achromatic Flame
Nov 27 - Feb 7, 2022 
 Judy Rose
Jazz Concert
Headbones Gallery
7PM - November 26, 2021
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Headbones Gallery 
The Achromatic Flame
Playing With Fire
Nov 27, 2021 - FEB 7, 2022
Featuring works by Don Carr, Fern Helfand, Scott P. Ellis, Joice M. Hall, Byron Johnston, Molly March and Julie Oakes, Headbones Gallery has pulled from the stacks and looked to a few artists for artworks that reference fire.
It is with some dark irony at having been placed on evacuation alert this summer from the White Rock Lake fire that this show is up on the walls. Now that the skies are clear, the air is once again fresh and with the achromatic hues of the changing season,  viewers can expect works with fire and flame as the consistent theme.
Drawers Gallery 
Michael Bjornson
Nov 27, 2021 - Feb 7, 2022
The Drawers Gallery will be featuring drawings by Michael Bjornson from Vancouver in an exhibition titled HEAD ON.
For many years in addition to being an architect, artist, painter, art dealer and fabricator, Bjornson has drawn faces, heads, portraits and character studies of real or imagined persons. From stacks upon stacks of drawings, Headbones has made a selection of one hundred drawings and will create a catalogue in time for the exhibition.