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Feb 13 - Mar 21
New Pop Realists Intellectually Engaged in
Story Telling
Commentary by Julie Oakes
March 5 - 8
The Waterfront
222 12th Avenue
(ab strak'tid)
Mar 26 - May 2, 2009
Karl Heinz Boyke
Cesar Forero
Bodo Korsig
Khaled Mansur
Mahmoud Meraji
Steve Rockwell
David Samila
Ram Samocha
Scott Taylor
Heidi Thompson
Mahmoud, Mehrad & Zachari
May 7 - June 18, 2009



Jenny Tong
Osvaldo R. Castillo
Ashley Johnson
Scott McEwan
Billy Copley
Scott P. Ellis
Robert Farmer
Julie Oakes
Jesse McCloskey
Aleks Bartosik
Zachari Logan
Ed Giordano

The identification of an aesthetic can serve various positive purposes. For the artists, it affords an objective from which to consider why the name is applicable. For the appreciator, it allows for roads of association to be traveled that might not have been self generated and therefore discover correlations that run within these works. To the art writer, critic and curator, it gives a platform upon which to comment, theorize, criticize and organize. It can also position neopriest within historical and philosophical contexts or neopriest can, like a sauce, add new flavour to an already sufficiently nourishing dish.















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