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Cesar Forero Home & Jungle
Performances & Installation
Jan 29 - Feb 14, 2010
Performance on YouTube
Award 2009
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Home & Jungle:

Cesar Forero 

Opening Reception: 6-9 PM, Friday, January 29
Gallery Installation and two dance performances featuring Cesar Forero with dancer Michelle Moylan, dancer Sandra Clarke, and soprano singer Pam Patel.

Cesar Forero’s exhibition is aptly titled Home and Jungle for his vivacious work encompasses a wide range of imagery embracing everything from the quotidian to the exotic. Forero’s work is truly multidisciplinary and accomplished across the disciplines. Originally from Colombia, Forero is an architect, figure skater, dancer, choreographer, costume designer, painter, sculptor and relational fabricator. He enthuses. His infectious creativity feeds from the normal humdrum to transform into spectacle as he stitches, pastes, welds, rehearses and details. It is difficult not to use superlatives in the face of his prodigious output and once seen, his productions are hard to forget.

Having presented the performance and exhibition The Box in 2008, Headbones Gallery anticipates with pleasure the presentation of Home and Jungle.

There will be a 7:00 PM dance performance on Friday, January 29th and a 4:00 PM dance performance on Saturday, January 30th.

 Cesar Forero Bio:

Cesar Forero’s art practice has developed from the exploration and creation of multimedia installations and two and three dimensional artworks. Originally from Colombia, Forero’s academic background in architecture is combined with an MA from the Minnesota State University and a MFA from the University of Waterloo.

Inspired by social problems that affect contemporary society, Forero’s installations are intended to create a liminal space with the purpose of abstracting the viewer from everyday reality into a symbolic experience. Narratives found in popular stories, literature, and songs are transformed into carnivalesque installations, paintings, sculptures, video, and performance as visual testimony of his social interest.

The artist’s background in architecture, informed by his interest in constructivism and deconstruction, is a reference for the geometric elements in his work. From his social concern, the works are influenced by the plastic execution of using unconventional and recycled materials, which is also common in deconstructed architecture.

It is Cesar’s interest in movement, from years of figure roller skating practice combined with his heritage of street dance during carnivals that has motivated him to incorporate dance performance within his work. Movement and dance also feed the creation of his paintings and sculpture. Usually displayed in wall-to-wall installations, Cesar Forero’s work allows for the viewer to be a fully integrated participant in the narrative of his work. Forero’s artwork has shown in Columbia, USA, Canada and Japan..

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