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May 8 - June 19
The Picture Gallery
Donna Kriekle
Drawer's Gallery
Robert Farmer
Paper Gallery
Daniel Hanequand
Venus Headlights Back on June 18 @ 8PM - Tickets $20
Upcoming Exhibitions
Okanagan Eyes
Okanagan Wise
June 24 - August 20
Srdjan Segan
Penticton Art Gallery
May 20 - June 10, 2011
Donna Kriekle
Robert Farmer
Daniel Hanequand


Nothing but clear skies for our new exhibition titled Breathing Room on view until June 19th at Headbones Gallery.

From Regina, Donna Kriekle wisps eloquently with twenty-six sky paintings on canvas. Featured in The Picture Gallery, which is a long space, Kriekle’s sky paintings set the mood for springtime. With the optimism of the subject matter elevating the gamut of the skyway, lyrics come to mind that raise the spirits like the budding breath of a brand new day – “nothing but clear skies…”

Candy coated bunnies are falling from the sky in the Drawers Gallery with oil paintings by Winnipeg native Robert Farmer. Farmer’s tongue in cheek ‘splatstick’ resonates with the nostalgia of a less complicated era fallen prey to the havocs of chaos. His detailed renderings and technical virtuosity bring a world with a foot in childhood into the more complicated realms of gaming and advertising media.

With plenty of breathing room, nineteen individual miniature paintings by Toronto artist Daniel Hanequand are hung salon style in a three-foot-square space in The Paper Gallery. Their mini-counterparts form couplets, trios and rows of under-hand-sized, sci-fi, surreal and - sometimes - haunting little pictures.

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