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Attila Richard Lukacs*

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Boy With Green Arms, 1998, by Atilla Richard Lukacs was printed in New York City over a 16 month period by Alexander Heinrici at Fine Art Printing. The works are silkscreened in 18 colors in an edition of 40. Each of the prints have been extensively hand- painted by the artist with varnish, oil paint and tar, making each print completely unique. The works are printed/painted on 4 ply museum board. This image of a nude boy wearing only pair of bright green gloves casts a shadow. This shadow has been executed in a deep layer of hand applied tar. The tar has been etched with prose which reads as follows: "The boy looked at the angel. The boy fell in love with the angel's face." Prominent in the upper right quadrant of the work is a bright red oil imprint of Lukacs' right hand. The red handprint is a prominent and frequent leit motif found in Luckacs' more important works and is a reminder of the Reagan era where AIDS, already having killed millions of people, was the unspoken word. Several protest groups during the Reagan era used the red hand as their sword stating, "Reagan has the blood of millions on his hands". Protestors would often paint their hands red in protest. The edition was proofed and published by Lehmann Leskiw Editions, Toronto.

Boy With Green Arms, Courtesy: Lehmann + Leskiw Fine Art